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Gravity Breakthrough: Springing into a Gravitational Revolution (cont.)
By Roland Michel Tremblay

The True Nature of Gravity Finally Revealed

So then, what does all of this mean? If a simple hanging spring experimentally disproves both Newton’s attracting-force suggestion and Einstein’s warped space-time proposal, what does it mean when the experiment mirrors Einstein’s upwardly accelerating space elevator? A strong hint is that this experimental result is completely in line with a compelling new theory of gravity, known as Expansion Theory.

This new theory states that all atoms - and, by extension, all objects composed of atoms - are slowly and continually expanding, by roughly one-millionth their size each second. This underlying expansion is unseen directly, as everything expands equally, but is felt as a force beneath us from our huge expanding planet, and is seen indirectly as all objects, regardless of mass, appear to fall equally to the ground (which actually rises to meet them all equally).

This explains why Einstein’s space elevator correctly captures the observed behavior of a hanging spring on Earth, since our planet’s constant expansion effectively acts as an elevator constantly accelerating us upward.

In this case, a suspended spring on Earth effectively hangs in the “elevator”, with a singular continual upward pulling force as we hold it suspended. Here, the accumulated ongoing resisting inertia of the lower coils would indeed cause greater stretching in the upper coils and the non-uniform distribution observed in the hanging spring.

This also explains why the spring’s behavior does not match either Newton’s or Einstein’s demonstrably flawed downward-pulling theories of gravity, which could only cause equal coil distribution. And, according to the formal Scientific Method, any single solid contrary experimental result definitively disproves any theory - regardless of how well it may otherwise match or model observations.

The only viable conclusion from this discussion, and from both experiment and our understanding of physics, is that the effect we call ‘gravity’ arises from a universe of actively expanding matter, rather than one of separate inert matter and active “gravitational energy” with no known, and necessarily draining, power source. Ultimately, in Expansion Theory, all forms of “energy” turn out to be various forms of actively expanding atomic or subatomic matter, with “energy” being a mere misunderstanding of a universe where all matter actively expands by its very nature of existence.

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Mark McCutcheon is author of “The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy”. For more information and further reading on Expansion Theory, visit

Roland Michel Tremblay

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