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Black Genesis (cont.)
By Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy

About the bombshell 2007 discovery at Jebel Uwainat, section Pharaonic Inscriptions!

A Cartouche of a King!:

By November 27, Marai and Borda had already been walking and searching for nine days. On that day, just as they were about to arrive back at camp for lunch, Borda scanned with his powerful binoculars the last remaining section of boulders that lay strewn on a slope. They were in a region at the southern rim of Jebel Uwainat—which is some 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) into Sudanese territory—an area into which it is dangerous to venture. (In September 2008 a group of Italian tourists was kidnapped at Jebel Uwainat by rebels, and they endured a two-week ordeal before they were freed after a gunfight between the rebels and the Egyptian military.) As Borda panned with his binoculars, he suddenly saw an unmistakable shape on the surface of one of the larger boulders some 100 meters (about 328 feet) from where he stood. It was a shape that he had seen many times before—but only hundreds of kilometers from Jebel Uwainat.

Bauval and Marai examine newly discovered cave art in April 2008, near Jebel Uwainat, the “Mark Borda Cave”. Note that the back wall of the cave appears to be constructed of megalithic blocks.

And, detail of domestic scene in the “Mark Borda Cave”.

He exclaimed to Marai in disbelief, “There is a pharaonic cartouche on that boulder!” As he moved closer, focusing his eyepiece with growing excitement, he began to see hieroglyphic inscriptions inside and outside the cartouche (see plate 3). The two men could barely contain their excitement, for there it was, after decades of speculation, incontestable evidence that the ancient Egyptians managed to reach this remote place after all! The whole geography of ancient Egypt suddenly changed before their eyes…

Thomas Brophy (left) and Robert Bauval at the Uwainat Inscriptions, April 2008.

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