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Robert Bauval, Author of the Month for February 2008

The Egypt Code
By Robert Bauval

Robert Bauval

Robert Bauval's research and writings on the pyramids of Giza, particularly his Orion Correlation Theory, have attracted enormous popular attention - and support - all around the world but have also stirred up a hornet's nest of animosity amongst Egyptologists and orthodox thinkers about the past. Bauval's new book, The Egypt Code, takes his ground-breaking work even further and provides us with stunning new insights into the mysteries of ancient Egyptian religion and civilisation. He joins us during February 2008 as our author of the month and will be available to respond to comments and queries from posters on our Author Of The Month Message Board.

The Egypt Code

"What are the pyramids for?!!.." Emma Freud BBC2 Everyman documentary The Great Pyramid: Gateway to the stars December 1993.

"This king is Osiris, this pyramid of this king is Osiris, this construction of his is Osiris…" Pyramid Texts 1657

"Behold, he has come as Orion, Osiris has come as Orion…" Pyramid Texts 820

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