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Recent Exchange Regrding Indus-Sarasvathi Controversy and the Aryan Invasion Theory
Thanks to SriKowtha for bringing this to attention

The following hyperlinks reference an exchange between David Frawley and Michael Witzel regarding the origins of Indian civilization. The conversation is presented in chronological order.

Though the articles are presented here in the Underworld section of GrahamHancock.com, none of these articles were submitted to this site for inclusion here and their presence in no way implies any endorsement of Underworld by the authors or publishers of the articles. The exchange is referenced due to its relivance to matters certain to be of interest to readers of Underworld.

David Frawley begins the debate

Michael Witzel offers a rebuttal

Frawley counters Witzels position

Finally, R.Nagasamy offers an opinion

Readers of these aticles are encouraged to post their comments on The Mysteries message board.

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