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Aquatic Ape Theory

A collection of links to sites relivant to the discussion of the Aquatic Ape Theory of Human origins, popularized by Elaine Morgan. Elaine Morgan was the featured Author of the Month at for September 2002. The discussion was greatly enhanced by the presence of respected Aquatic Ape theorist, Craig Hagstrom, who's personal Web site is featured among those listed below.

The Passionate Ape

The Passionate Ape

Craig Hagstrom's home page where he offers a summary of his book, "The Passionate Ape." Craig asks that you NOT buy his book, but we recomend you ignore his advice. :-)

Craig Hagstrom was instrumental in making our Author of the Month discussion of Elaine Morgan (in September 2002) a great success. We suggest you show your appreciation for his time by purchasing a copy of his book from our bookshop!

The AAT leaflet

A very brief (and somewhat "simplistic") overview of AAT.


A brief site on AAT created and maintained by Elaine Morgan's grandson.



A Mammoth Web Site with an almost inexhaustible amount of information regarding both the classic AAT and the author's particular "riverine" interpretation.

Symposium Water and Human Evolution, April 30th 1999

Papers presented in 1999 on the Subject of AAT by Elaine Morgan, Marc Verhaegen, Stephen C. Cunnane, Mario Vaneechoutte, John Langdon, and the respected, Phillip V. Tobias.

Highly recomended reading!

Aquatic Man and African Eve

A fantastic resource of material on AAT. Free, downloadable full-length books are available for download. If you want to learn about AAT, this is a great place to start!

Denis Montgomery is the author of this site. He is the author of two books of travel and commentary: "The Reflected Face of Africa" (1988) and "Two Shores of the Ocean" (1992).

InterGlacial Island Hypothesis

A Web site that presents a view of AAT and Hominid evolution that may be of particular interest to readers of Graham Hancock's 'Underworld.' Richard Little's "InterGlacial Island Hypothesis," intimately links Hominid evolution to the glacial/interglacial cycle.

AAT Yahoo Discussion Forum

This is THE place on the net to discuss AAT! Not to be missed is you are interested at all in educated opinion on the subject. Craig Hagstrom, author of "The Passionate Ape" is a regular contributer. Elaine Morgan and Marc Verhaegen have also been known to post to the forum.

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