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Skepticism and Pseudoskepticism

This category contains links to three kinds of material:

1) Honest and well-meaning criticisms of Graham's ideas (i.e. true skepticism).

2) Prejudiced and even dishonest attempts to "debunk" Graham's ideas for reasons of personal gain or glory (i.e. psuedoskepticism).

3) Sites which attempt to analyise the emerging phenomenon of Psuedoskepticism.

Myths of Skepticism

Michael D. Sofka, president of the Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York, discusses 16 popuular misconceptions regarding the nature of scientific enquiry.


The homepage of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.


Dennis Stacy investigates CSICOP's fund-raising strategies.


This is a piece written by Dennis Rawlins, a co-founder of CSICOP. It tells the story of why he became disenchanted with the organisation and eventually left it.

Dan Kettler on Pseudoskepticism

Pseudoskeptics - What they do and why.

This is an excellent site that tackles the phenomenon of pseudoskepticism.

It includes a section on the tactics used by pseudoskeptics in order to avoid constructive debate, and even hints on how to stop them from ruining a discussion list or message board.



This site is dedicated to "Weighing the evidence for Alternative History".

From the intro page:

"To the ancient Egyptians ma'at was a concept of truth, justice and balance.

This web site is put forth in that spirit.

The aim of this site is to provide a well reasoned case for the mainstream version of ancient history. We will present articles that validate our true heritage and that dispute the proposals used to support the belief in a lost civilization that seeded the familiar ancient cultures of the world."

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