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Part One

  1. Relics
  2. The Riddle of the Antediluvian Cities
  3. Meltdown

Part Two
India (1)

  1. Forgotten Cities, Ancient Texts and an Indian Atlantis
  2. Pilgrimage to India no
  3. The Place of the Ship's Descent
  4. Lost India
  5. The Demon on the Mountain and the Rebirth of Civilization

Part Three
India (2)

  1. I Fairytale Kingdom
  2. The Mystery of the Red Hill
  3. The Quest for Kumari Kandam
  4. The Hidden Years
  5. Pyramid Islands
  6. Ghosts in the Water

Part Four

  1. Smoke and Fire in Malta
  2. Cave of Bones
  3. The Thorn in the Flesh
  4. The Masque of the Green Book
  5. Inundation
  6. The Morning of the World

Part Five
Ancient Maps

  1. Terra Incognita
  2. The Secret Memories of Maps
  3. Looking for the Lost on the Road to Nowhere
  4. The Metamorphoses of Antilia

Part Six
Japan, Taiwan, China

  1. The Land Beloved of the Gods
  2. Remembrance
  3. Confronting Yonaguni
  4. Maps of Japan and Taiwan 13,000 Years Ago?
  5. Confronting Kerama
  6. The Shark at the Gate

Postscript 1 The Underworld in the Gulf of Cambay

Postscript 2 The Underworld in the Bay of Bengal

Appendix 1 Report on the Completion of the Joint SES/NIO Expedition to South-east India

Appendix 2 SES Press Release, 5 April 2002, Announcing the Discovery of Underwater Ruins at Mahabalipuram and Inviting Media to a Press Reception, 10 April 2002

Appendix 3 Preliminary Underwater Archaeological Explorations of Mahabalipuram. Statement by National Institute of Oceanography, 9 April 2002

Appendix 4 Comments by Graham Hancock on the NIO Statement of 9 April 2002 Regarding Preliminary Underwater Archaeological Explorations off Mahabalipuram

Appendix 5 Who Discovered the Underwater Ruins at Mahabalipuram ? And Who is Claiming What ?

Appendix 6 UK Press Coverage of Mahabalipuram Discovery, April 2002

Appendix 7 Press Report on Paulina Zeiitsky's Exploration in Cuba

Appendix 8 Press Report from Times of India, 6 July 2002

Online Appendices and Photographs



Purchase this BookBulletAbout this BookBulletTable of ContentsBulletSample Chapter

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