Heavens Mirror

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Introduction: What is in the Great Beyond?

Part I: Mexico

  1. The Feathered Serpent
  2. On Earth as it is in Heaven

Part II: Egypt

  1. Sancturaries of the Cosoms
  2. In the Hall of the Double Truth
  3. Hidden Circles
  4. Mystery Teachers of Heaven

Part III: Cambodia

  1. Draco
  2. Churning the Sea of Milk
  3. Master Game
  4. Eliminating the Impossible
  5. Still Point in Heaven

Part IV: The Pacific

  1. Fragments of a Broken Mirror
  2. Island of the Sorcerers
  3. Spider's Web

Part V: Peru and Bolivia

  1. Castles of Sand
  2. The Mystery and the Lake
  3. The Stone at the Centre

Conclusion: The Fourth Temple



Purchase this BookBulletAbout this BookBulletSample Chapter

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