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Click for larger image(Left) Aztec calendar stone depicting Tonaituh, the Fifth Sun, the face and symbol of our current epoch of the earth.
(Right) Teotihuacan: emblem of Quetzalcoatl - 'Feathered serpent', who is also described in myths as a bearded, pale-skinned stranger who came from across the sea.
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Click for larger imageClick for larger image(Far left) Nanahuatzin, the bubonic god, whose sacrifice ushered in the Fifth Sun.
(Left) Hieroglyph for a cycle of time surmounting a pillar in the so-called 'Palace of the Quetzal Butterfly' at Teotihuacan
(Right) Stellar Venus symbol from Teotihuacan, dispensing influence downwards towards the earth. Compare with picture 9 in Egypt gallery 6.
(Far right) Twin pumas back to back. Compare these to the Egyptian 'Akeru', back-to-back lions associated, like these at Uxmal, with the solstices. See Image 1, Egypt gallery 2.
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Click for larger imageClick for larger image(Far left) Altar, La Venta.
(Left) This seated figure from La Venta wears a similar head-dress to the Nemes head-dress worn by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

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