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Click for larger image(Left) The subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid.
(Right) The descending corridor of the Great Pyramid. Was this built as a 3-D 'model' of the Duat to initiate the new pharaoh into the mysteries of the Netherworld? See Gallery 4, image 6.
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(Right) The Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid.
(Far right) The sarcophagus in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid - was this used for a symbolic death and rebirth rite of initiation?
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Click for larger image(Left) View of the King's Chamber from the east. This chamber provides a wealth of mathematical and numerical knowledge within its dimensions.
(Right) The Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid with its curious corbelled niche of unknown function. Robot-camera explorations of the narrow shaft to its right have uncovered the remains of a possible door that may lead to a previously undiscovered chamber.
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