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Click for larger image(Left) Giant faces of the Bodhisattva Lokesvara, gazing towards the cardinal directions, southern entrance gate, Angkor Thom.
(Right) Circular central tower of the Bayon, 'the omphalos (navel) of angkor's stone cosmos.'
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(Right) One of the 54 stone towers of the Bayon, each with four faces of Lokesvara.
(Far right) The atmospheric remains of Ta Prohm.
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Click for larger image(Left) Though the surroundings are very different, it has been claimed that certain giant works of sculpture at Angkor resemble the face of the Sphinx or the Colossi of Abu Simbel.
(Right) The Bayon with its 54 stone towers each surmounted by 4 faces of the Boddhisatva Lokeshvara was conceived by its builders as a symbolic diagram of the universe.
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(Right) Southern gateway, Angkor Thom, and Naga balustrade.Click for larger image 

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