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Taurus 2000 Conjunction (cont)

By Steve Young, April 2000

The Purpose

The reason I was looking for astronomical conjunctions in the first place was that this premise flowered at the end of a very tall logic-tree. This 'tree' has two main 'trunks' (1) GDT: a proposed system of physics with characteristics differing from "modern Physics" (2) Ancient Egyptian Physics: an interpretation of Ancient Egyptian writings and geometry as a symbolic, metaphoric scientific language, in particular consonance with the principles of G-D Physics.

Highlights of GDT Logic Tree:

  1. G-D Physics indicates that the cores of stars are composed of dense heavy metals. The interior of the stellar core is stable, (non-reactive) while the core's surface is a maelstrom of fission, fusion and productive reactions. (Chapter 7)
  2. Productive reactions (i.e., resulting in a net increase in mass) occur when an atom's electrical field is so constrained by its surrounding gravitational / electrical fields as to be unable to release energy. Vibrational energy absorbed by the atom is then transformed into new particles of matter. (Chapter 7)
  3. In general, stars continually increase in mass until a critical core-fission event results in a mega-scale eruption of material. These events, the nova and supernova, culminate in the material for new stars, planets, and nebulae. Thus, beginning from a single star, the result would be a galaxy, or a universe. (Chapter 7)
  4. Planets with active cores are also inferred as to be mass productive; thus, the Earth's mass, volume, and surface area have been slowly increasing for eons. Volcanic eruptions, mountain building, earthquakes and continental spreading are all causally connected to mass-increase in the core. (Chapter 8)
  5. Large-scale fauna in the primeval past, (dinosaurs being the premier example), were able to exist simply because the planet's surface gravity was less than it is today. (Chapter 8)
  6. Core-fission events in the Earth's pre-history have led to mass extinctions of life-forms. The primary example is the Permian Catastrophe, in which 90-95% of existent species went extinct, 250 million years ago. It is proposed this was caused by a mega-volcanic eruption in the Eastern Pacific, which melted a continent and gave birth to the Moon. (Chapter 8)
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