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Taurus 2000 Conjunction

By Steve Young, April 2000

Taurus 2000 Conjunction
Taurus 2000 Conjunction
View from Cairo, Egypt (On) Noon, 2nd June 2000.

During the first week in June of this year a major planetary conjunction will occur in the constellation of Taurus, (the Bull).

Taurus 2000 Conjunction
Taurus 2000 Conjunction
Great Pyramid of Khufu
Great Pyramid of Khufu Features:
(1) King's Chamber (2) Queen's Chamber (3) Grand Gallery (4) Subterranean Chamber & 'pit' (5) Finished Surface : (white limestone blocks, finely fitted and grouted.)
The Great Pryamid in the Sky
"The great ennead in the mansion of the prince in the city of the sun"
Pyramid Texts, from Utterance 21

On June 2nd the moon passes below, (south) of the solar position so that at noon their positions relative to the constellation lines of Taurus' occur as depicted at right.

A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs every 20 years

A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs opposite the Sun on average every 300 years.

A Jupiter / Saturn / Solar con-junction, in the constellation of Taurus, then occurs on average only once every 3600 years.

In researching the hypothesis that the "Great Ennead", mentioned in Ancient Egyptian writings, was reference to a 'grand' astronomical conjunction in our present age, I discovered a marked correlation between the 'Taurus 2000 Conjunction' and the interior design of the Great Pyramid.

From its intended eastern vantage, the cross-section of the Great Pyramid's corridors has several points of similarity to the constellation lines of Taurus.

Moreover, the location of its chambers correlate to the position of the sun, moon and planets with the constellation lines of Taurus, at this particular time and location.

Positional Correlation:

  1. The Sun correlates to the King's Chamber
  2. Venus to its Antechamber ;
  3. the Moon correlates to the Queen's Chamber ;
  4. Jupiter and Saturn to the northern 'star-shafts' ;
  5. Mars and Mercury to the southern 'star-shafts'.
  6. The subterranean chamber is then a connective link to the constellation of Orion : (Osiris).

Did the Ancient Egyptians believe some event of great import may occur at this time? If so, what could it be?

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