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Evidence that the Avebury stone circle and its associated monuments show knowledge of past Polar positions
by S. F. Wells



As someone interested in ancient mysteries I purchased and read ‘The Atlantis Blueprint’ by Flem-Ath and Wilson shortly after it was published in the UK. One of the things that interested me was that Avebury was listed as one of the three ‘original sacred sites’ according to the theory the book proposes. The other two were Ur and Abydos.

Living as I do fairly close to Avebury I decided to pay the site a visit just for something to do on a Sunday. Flem-Ath also mentioned that some of his ‘sacred sites’ had indications within their layout or structure that made reference to the three previous polar positions of the Earth. These previous positions were those it has had over the past 100,000 years as theorised by Hapgood in his book ‘Path of the Poles’. It occurred to me to look at Avebury to see if there were any indications in the structure and layout of this nature. Flem-Ath made no reference in his book to visiting Avebury.

To be honest I had no expectation of finding anything. How wrong I was..

Atlantis Blueprint theory

For a full explanation and reasoning behind this theory the reader should of course obtain and read Wilson & Flem-Aths book. For relevance to the rest of this paper I will lay out the main points as follows.

Firstly, it is related to Hapgoods Polar displacement theory in which he lays out evidence that the Earth’s crust has slipped around causing the poles to move relative to the surface of the Earth but not relative to the Sun. This has caused different regions of the Earth surface to be glaciated at different times. Hapgood proposes there are no ‘Ice Ages’ as such. Simply that the movement of the pole causes different areas to be covered in Ice at different times. Also that this slippage can occur relatively quickly when it does happen. Possibly just measured in terms of a few years. He has evidence for three specific movements in the last 100,000 years and many others throughout geological time. He also proposes that these slippages cause catastrophic problems for flora and fauna in the regions nearer to the poles or those most affected by the particular slippage direction. Most recently he believes it contributed to the demise of the so called ‘mega fauna’, Mammoths etc in North America and Siberia some 12- 6,000 years ago.

Wilson & Flem-Ath think mantle displacement rather than crustal displacement is a more likely explanation and I have found several papers on the Geological society website that discuss mantle/core discontinuity so it is not anathema to modern scientific thinking.

Hapgood mentions as an aside in his book that some ancient maps appear to show the world as it would have looked prior to the last Polar displacement. He wrote a further book called ‘Maps of the ancient sea kings’ on this subject. The implication being that human knowledge and civilisation therefore predated the end of the last ‘Ice age’.

It was this implication that Wilson & Flem-Ath picked up on and expanded. They eventually concluded that there was an ancient worldwide civilisation. They were aware of previous polar displacements and how damaging they could be. They therefore, set up a series of measuring points around the world that were related to Giza and the Poles so they could measure if any slippage was taking place and take appropriate (evacuation?) action in the areas likely to be most effected.

These measuring points were at specific relative positions and the overall theory shows that many of these positions still have ancient monuments associated with them and further that it is possible to predict where other ancient monuments may be based on the knowledge of how these measuring points were set up. (Read the book for a full explanation!). These ancient monuments show characteristics that relate to previous poles. For example Wilson & Flem-Ath show that the Sphinx temple at Giza is misaligned to the mortuary temple of the great pyramid by 28 degrees. This bearing points to the previous North Pole. Also this temple has 28 pillars. 

My task in the rest of this paper is to show the reader that similar evidence exists at Avebury to show that the builders had knowledge of the position of previous North Poles and this is demonstrable in the alignments of the Avebury monument structures and the bearings between them.

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