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The Crop Circle Phenomenon (cont.)
By Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

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Tawsmead Copse near Alton Barnes, Wheat, 13 June, 339ft in diameter

This, the second design of the season in young wheat was found next to Tawsmead Copse on 13 June. The centre of the design had a sun symbol clasping a moon crescent. In most traditions the sun is a male symbol and the moon a female one. This sun design had 33 rays surrounding it. The time the sun takes to make a complete revolution at its poles is 11 months: 33 divided by 11 = 3 years, which takes us to 2012! The celestial bodies seemed to be protected by ‘wings’ made of menacing looking claws, showing perhaps that strong forces are protecting this divine union.

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Milk Hill, Alton Barnes (Phase 2), Wheat, 23 June, 1360ft in total after phase 3

This most startling of designs came in several parts. The first, on the solstice 21 June, was relatively simple and resembled an archer’s bow and arrow, or an astrolabe. Two days later it grew an appendage consisting of a series of rectangles representing the numbers 1-2-3-4-5, perhaps intimating at different dimensions, but the most amazing part appeared on 30 June when five streams of hieroglyphs were added to the main body (see picture inset below). People often ask why the intelligences don’t use writing to communicate. Now that we have a script, will we manage to decipher it?

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Martinsell, Wheat, 25 June, 395ft x 185ft

This long design made use of the dew pond in the field which, filled with water, reflected the sun like a mirror giving the impression of a sun disk from the air. Its body was made of nine circles, all decreasing in size, and nine smaller ones plus a tiny addition with a tail at the end, making 19 circles in total; a significant number in ancient cosmology. With its startling golden disk seemingly held between two ‘horns’, it seemed to portray an ancient pagan goddess.

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Text ©2009 Francine Blake and Clare Oatley
All photographs ©2009 Olivier Morel.

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