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Her Sweet Murmur (cont.)
By Greg Taylor

The Good (Bad, and Ugly) Folk

Entity 'contact' experiences certainly come with their share of paranormal sounds. For instance, consider this Mothman report. Journalist Rick Moran tells how he interviewed…

…an older woman who said she had encountered Mothman in her backyard. Her property was close to the boundaries of the TNT area and, hearing a buzzing or humming sound coming from the back of her home, she went out to investigate. It was mid-afternoon, and when she opened the back door she found herself face to face with Mothman, hovering about 10 feet in front of her. Her description was detailed, suggesting something more like a machine than an animal. [20]

Consider too these other reports of entity contact: Near Croton Falls, New York, it was reported that "dwarf-like hooded beings" emerged from a shimmering circle of blue that appeared in an outcrop of rock "following a buzzing sound." [21] In a humanoid entity report from 1975, "Angelica Barrigon Varela and co-worker Remedios Diez were on their way to work at a local factory along the wall that divided the railroad tracks and the street when they heard a loud buzzing sound coming from the area of the tracks. Looking in that direction they beheld a bizarre creature floating and balancing itself above the railroad tracks. It appeared to be wearing a monk-like smock or coat, dark green in color that emitted intermediate flashes of light under the light rain." [22]

Another strange phenomenon which features 'entity contact' is 'Old Hag' syndrome (also known as 'Night Terrors' and by other names around the world). These reports, in which an experiencer feels that someone is in the room with them, perhaps even on them, and has a terrible feeling of dread, have been related to the condition of 'recurrent sleep paralysis.' This too is introduced by the same certain sounds:

A buzzing/ringing/roaring/whistling/hissing/high-pitched screeching sound in the ears sets in and becomes louder and louder to the point of becoming unbearable.[23]

In the 17th century writings of the demonologist Fr. Sinistrari, we find this example of entity contact which happened to a young lady:

During the following night, while she was in bed with her husband and both were asleep, she found herself awakened by an extremely fine voice, somewhat like a high-pitched whistling sound. It was softly saying in her ear some very clear words: 'How did you like the cake?' In fear, our good lady began to use the sign of the cross and to invoke in succession the names of Jesus and Mary. [24]

Turning our attention to the British Isles, there are a number of similar cases, and one particular (relatively) modern tale which may have profound significance for our investigation.

In Fortean Times # 31 we find the curious case of the "Wollaton Park Fairies", which occurred in Nottingham at the end of October 1979:

Several children returning home after playing, heard a sound like a bell and saw coming out of the wooded area about 60 little gnome like men with wrinkled faces and long white beards, they were about 2-foot tall and were riding small bubble-like vehicles. The beings rode over the swamps near the lake and some chased the children towards the gate of the park. Some of the humanoids wore red hats and green pants and seem to be laughing in a peculiar way. The children ran from the area.

Furthermore, in describing the Wollaton fairy event, Janet Bord adds this seemingly innocuous footnote, based on its similarities to the Wollaton sighting:

Over six years before the Wollaton fairies were reported in the media, I had corresponded with Marina Fry of Cornwall, who wrote to me giving details of her own fairy sighting when she was nearly four years old, around 1940. One night she and her older sisters, all sleeping in one bedroom, awoke to hear a buzzing noise (one sister said 'music and bells'). Looking out of the window they saw a little man in a tiny red car driving around in circles'. He was about 18 inches tall and had a white beard and a 'droopy pointed hat '…he just disappeared after a while.[25]

This sighting stands out particularly because of the detail that one sister heard a different sound. Different, but still part of the subset which we have been examining (and in view of this, adds some legitimacy to the story). This has the curious effect of making the sounds a 'subjective' experience (due to different perceptions of it), while seemingly coming from an objective source (as a number of people all heard a sound). Further to that, why did the sisters see the same thing, if it was a subjective experience? Interestingly, there are other accounts of groups of people subjectively hearing 'paranormal' noises, which are not to do with 'entity' contact. They are to do with death.

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