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There Were Giants Upon The Earth (cont.)
By Zecharia Sitchen

The Land of ‘Eden’

The name Shumer by which southern Mesopotamia was known in ancient times stems from Akkadian inscriptions about the kingdom of ‘Shumer and Akkad’—a geopolitical entity formed after the installation of the Semitic-speaking Sargon I (Sharru-kin = ‘The Righteous King’) as ruler of Greater Sumer, circa 2370 B.C. (When the kingdom of David split up after his death to the kingdoms of Judea and Israel, the northern region was affectionately called Shomron—‘Little Shumer’.)

Stemming from the Akkadian (and Hebrew) verb meaning ‘to watch/to guard’, the name Shumer identified the realm as “Land of the Watchers” or “Land of the Guardians”—the gods who watch over and safeguard Mankind. The term matched the ancient Egyptian word for ‘gods’—Neteru—which stemmed from the verb NTR and meant “to guard, to watch over.” According to Egyptian lore, the Neteru came to Egypt from Ur-Ta, the ‘Ancient Place’; their hieroglyphic symbol was a miners’ ax:

Before Sumer & Akkad, when there were only Cities of the Gods in the land, it was called E.din—‘Home/Abode of the Righteous Ones”—the biblical Eden; the term stemmed from the determinative Din.gir that preceded gods’ names in Sumerian. Meaning the ‘Just/Righteous Ones’, its pictographic depiction displayed their two-stage rocketships:

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