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Have ancients transmitted information for 12,000 years till present?
By Ritesh Singh, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur

One Sentence Summary: Recent research shows that ancients could probably pass on concrete knowledge of happenings of end of Last Glacial Maximum (eLGM) around 10,000 Before Common Era (BCE) to present times.

Abstract: I review a research which argues that ancients could pass on concrete knowledge of the happenings of end of Last Glacial Maximum (eLGM) to present times. Using Archaeoastronomy, it dates the origin of an Indian myth of correlating an astronomical event known as Rohini-Sakata-Bheda by Mars or Saturn (RSB) with huge disasters, to eLGM. I review climatic research to show that both the RSB and the myth exceedingly relate to eLGM. Thus, I argue that the myth related to RSB should have been carved with some knowledge of the events in the 10th millennium BCE close to eLGM. Hence, I conclude that the ancients could have been doing meticulous observations as long as 12,000 years ago meaning careful astronomical observations may have started much before what we currently think.

Start of the Paper: The research (1) attempts to date the origin of an Indian myth of correlating an event known as Rohini-Sakata-Bheda by Mars or Saturn (RSB) with huge disasters. RSB is said to occur when Mars or Saturn pass through the triangle formed by α, ε and γ stars of Taurus constellation (1). There are at least eight separate works referring to this event by several authors in the Indian literature showing that it was thought of as very significant even though it occurred only five times in the last 12,000 years (1). Although, sometimes other astronomical bodies are also mentioned along with Mars and Saturn, it is the mention of Mars and Saturn that is unchanging in various references (1).

In texts like Grahalaghav and Brihat-Samhita, RSB is correlated with huge and undefined disaster (1) even though they are separated by more than a thousand years which suggests that the time from origin of this myth to its descriptions is much more than the time span between various descriptions; otherwise there would have been more changes between the various descriptions. Moreover, Grahalaghav itself notes that RSB could not occur in the present epoch and must refer to another epoch (1).

Mahajani et al. (1) plotted the motion of Mars and Saturn from 10,000 BCE till present. They found that only instances of RSB occurred in 9860 BCE, 9828 BCE, 9371 BCE, 9339 BCE and 5284 BCE. They did not find any Saturn based RSB till 10,000 BCE suggesting that mention of Saturn in the myth could have been a later addition.

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