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First report: Inca Gold
In search of the ultimate sacred treasure

By Javier Sierra

Five centuries ago, before the Spanish conquest of Peru, a horde of fabulous Incan treasure disappeared. Tons of gold formed into statues, sun shields, ceremonial objects were well hidden by the Incas somewhere underground beneath the city of Cuzco. The search for these underground chambers where the sacred treasure was hidden - a colossal engineering feat no less mysterious than that which was hidden - has occupied in vain scores of adventurers and investigators. No one, until now, has been able to find these priceless artifacts.

Javier Sierra is a well known spanish writer and journalist. He is the editor of the magazine Más Allá de la Ciencia (Beyond Science) and author of five books. The more recent one, In Search of the Golden Age (not yet in English), is an account of his research through the world behind ancient mysteries.

I could hardly believe my eyes. In spite of what had been told to me repeatedly before taking off, "you are going to be surprised when you get there." was the promise. Everything I had imagined fell short. In the center of Cuzco, an ever-widening investigative organization without precedent has been formed, using state-of-the-art technology in their search for underground structures without the need to excavate; equipment synchronized with satellites, powerful software, capable of creating three-dimensional images beginning with the signals from the powerful ground-penetrating radar, and the joint efforts of capable scientists and adventurers.

Never before has anything like it been seen, nor by anyone in Cuzco, with the exception of what was on the verge of being used to dig into the heart of the Inca Empire. This archaeological investigative equipment that I had been invited to witness had been obtained between August and December last year; equipment of a type never known in the previous 500 years, equipment that could penetrate one of the fundamental South American enigmas... and threaten to uncover "the secret", upsetting what was cherished by these lands.

Copyright © 2001 Javier Sierra

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