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Gregory Sams, Author of the Month for September 2009

Bring back the Sun! (cont.)
By Gregory Sams

Without the need for proof or measurement, we know of our own consciousness because we feel its existence. It was enough for ancient civilizations to know of solar consciousness because they felt its existence. I do not suggest that because we "feel" something it is true. But when a near universal belief is sustained for thousands of years it merits consideration. It does not matter which continent we look at, or which century, or which culture. Our pre-Christian ancestors believed that their basic intuition was correct, notwithstanding any explanations and baggage that might thereafter have been added to the picture by organizing priests.

We might well experience this connection to solar consciousness intuitively when, as children, we put smiling faces upon drawings of the Sun. But by the time we leave school there is little hint of it left, as we adopt the "We know better now" attitude. Which brings us back to that question of just what it is that we now know better. And who were the original "we" that we know better than? Is it science that has taught us that Sun worship was primitive and irrational?

Were you to have told a Mayan or Egyptian Sun worshipper of the fusion reaction in the core of the Sun, describing the very different functions of the next six layers, explaining the corona and the solar wind that spins from it, their jaw would have dropped in delighted awe. Our science would give them greater cause to revere the character bringing light and the power of life to our world. The knowledge of anatomy does not diminish our living status.

Was it the church that told us Sun worship was primitive and irrational? Yes. They knew better because the Old Testament told them so. They had it on God's authority, written in His own book, that the Sun was just a convenient ball of light placed in the Heavens for the benefit of humankind. And since most of the religions which had been replaced by the new church were big on Sun worship it was very much not ok to persist with such ideas. Neither philosophers, scientists nor variants of Christianity were excluded from Papal control of such thinking.

The Christianity of the Cathars, influenced by Mary Magdalene's transmission of Christ's teachings, incorporated sun gazing and elements of solar appreciation into its practice. This, and other unauthorized deviations from Catholic creed prompted the Vatican to organize 20 years of the brutal Albigensian Crusade (1209-1229) and to create the dreaded Inquisition, dedicated to eliminating every last trace of the Cathars religion and its followers.

Nearly four centuries later, in 1593, they were again alarmed, this time by the teachings of one Giordano Bruno. Copernicus who came before, and Galileo who came later, recognized that the Sun and planets did not revolve around Earth, believing instead that the whole Universe revolved around the Sun. Unlike them, Bruno also recognized that our Sun was but one of countless stars populating an infinite Universe. He also recognized that the Sun and stars were all living beings - still something of a blind spot for modern astronomers. He was lured back to Italy, arrested by the Inquisition and imprisoned for 7 years during which time he refused to recant, even under torture. When finally sentenced to death he responded to the judges: "Perhaps you, my judges, pronounce this sentence upon me with greater fear than I who receive it." His tongue was tied before he was tied to the stake, lest he try to spread his inflammatory ideas to the assembled crowd.

The scientific aversion to considering the question of solar consciousness, in essence, stems not from solar experimentation, technical investigation, or application of the scientific method. It stems from little more than habit, and a religious habit at that.

Obviously, we are not going to be able to apply our normal consciousness tests to the Sun, with mirrors, questionnaires, and analysis of playfulness. But we can take a look at what solar scientists have been able to find using telescopes, helioseismology, spectral analysis, and some pretty brilliant thinking and deduction. I am not in the business of knocking scientists or their discovery, but I am intolerant of the unfounded taboos that most of them embrace, and to which all of them must conform, or face ridicule.

Let us take a very cursory look at a few features of the Sun's seven distinct levels, to see if these are the sort of features you would expect to find in an inanimate, unintelligent, accidental agglomeration of simple matter. And the Sun's matter, in common with 99%+ of matter in the Universe, is not in the "simple" states of solid, liquid or gas with which we are familiar on this planet. Most matter does not have an even balance of electrons and protons and is thus highly fluid and conductive to the transmission of electro-magnetic energy. Plasma is very active. It almost looks like it is a living thing in those plasma gas balls that are sold for visual home entertainment.

The hot inner core is where the nuclear fusion reaction takes place, converting 5 million tons of the Sun's mass into energy each second. This reaction has been going on steadily for some 4.5 billion years and is estimated to have at least as long a future. With the equivalent of billions of hydrogen bombs going off every second, some containment around this first layer of the Sun is obviously necessary. This second level takes the form of the radiation zone, a region of very dense matter that is 25 times as thick as the Earth's diameter. Travelling at the speed of light, a photon would pass through this layer of the Sun in about one second, but they have to bounce around a bit on the journey outwards and it takes them more like a million years to make the transit. Photons enter this zone as deadly gamma rays vibrating at high frequency and low wavelength, exiting it as safe visible light - the stuff that reaches our planet and sustains all life.

Outside the radiation zone is the third, and relatively thin, interface layer, described as being like giant twisting ropes of electro-magnetic energy. It is thought to be here that electromagnetic energy is produced to power the Sun's invisible outermost seventh layer, the corona - about which more later. This energy is believed to be generated by the differential rotation of the convection zone, which surrounds the radiation zone and turns at a different speed, producing a dynamo-like effect.

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