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The Starchild is out of this World
By Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye has been writing professionally for thirty years. He has published novels, worked in Hollywood as a screenwriter, and has numerous magazine and newspaper articles in his resume. He has spent the last decade focused entirely on his nonfiction writing, which covers various aspects of what is collectively known as "alternative knowledge." His book Everything You Know Is Wrong outlines his support of Intervention Theory as the best explanation for how life has come to be on Earth, and for how humans find themselves at the top of the planet's food chain.

In February of 1999, Lloyd was contacted by a Texas couple with an unusual human-like skull they wanted scientifically evaluated. Thus began an eight-year odyssey for him that has culminated in his latest book, The Starchild Skull, in which he takes readers with him as he trudges through the halls of science trying to establish the skull's genetic heritage. He has been filmed for documentary programs by The Learning Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Extra, and, in England, been interviewed on The Richard and Judy Show (their equivalent of Oprah). He has lectured throughout the U.S., and in Canada, England, the Netherlands, Australia, and Brazil.

Lloyd is a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans. He is married and lives with his wife, Amy, in Pensacola, Florida.

Side by Side

Eight years of scientific testing strongly suggest that an ancient skull found in Mexico nearly eight decades ago is something other than entirely human. In fact, the skull known as the "Starchild" might well prove to be the first biological relic confirmed by DNA testing to be a human-alien hybrid.


This remarkable skull is now on the verge of making history as large as history can be made. How it came to be in that improbable position is revealed in a new book, The Starchild Skull — Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?, which recounts my eight years of dragging the skull from expert to expert, seeking those with enough intellectual curiosity to take it seriously and to apply rigorous scientific testing to it, and then have the courage to put their names to their results. It hasn't been easy.

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