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Henry Hudson in a Time of Prophecy (cont.)
By Evan Pritchard

Appendix III (from Henry Hudson and the Algonquins of New York by Evan Pritchard; published by Council Oaks Books, 2009)

Timeline of the Seven Fires: Moon Turtles, Eclipses and Signs

There is no word for time in Algonquin culture, and no birthdays were recognized in traditional times. However it seems that those who followed the prophecies kept careful track of the days, months and years. There are many numbers here, but the turtle calendar is not a clock nor a mechanical system. It requires much moon-gazing and periodic adjustment to keep it on target. While some Algonquin people say the year begins in Spring, and others when the rivers first freeze in late fall, it seems that this particular calendar system may have begun the new moon of September 12, 1216, showing possible Taino influence, or perhaps a common influence not of this realm. Although the new moon at winter solstice of 1215 might seem to be a more logical starting point, its “new years” do not correspond nearly as well with eclipses and historical events related to Native Americans. So while the actual starting date of the prophecies remains secret, we will use Hudson’s birthday, September 12, as the reference date for this book.

1205 Cahokia Eclipse, September 14
1209 East Maine Cree eclipse, July 13
1216 Beginning of First Fire, new moon September 12, according to author’s reconstruction. Lunar and solar calendars are set into motion, using “moon turtles” (see chart) as calculators. 13-month lunar calendar is approximately 18.655 days longer than solar, so first solar year ends September 11, 1217; while first lunar year ends October 1, 1217. This is the First Year of signs and omens (keegaynolaywoagun).
1272 Midpoint of First Fire, September. 56th year of Seven Fires Cycle completed.
September 1272–September 1273: Year of signs and omens.
1314 Sun and moon calendars end closely together, about 2 days apart.
1328 Beginning of Second Fire; 112 years completed, September.
September 1327–September 1328: Year of signs and omens.
1384 Midpoint of Second Fire, September
September 1383–September 1384: Year of signs and omens.
1440 Beginning of Third Fire, September
September 1439–September 1440: Year of signs and omens.
1451 Cornplanter’s Eclipse (Cornplanter told that his predecessor Chief Sagonyuthna made peace among the Iroquois after the eclipse of January 28, 1451. Joseph White Norwood (p. 77) suggests this was also when Tamanend II of the Lenape [Unami] became grand peace chief.)
1491 Jacques Cartier born.
1492 Columbus’ first voyage.
1496 John Cabot’s eclipse (Atlanta, Ga.) August 8
1496 Midpoint of Third Fire, September 11
September 1496 to September 1497: Year of signs and omens
1497 John Cabot arrives at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, June 24, 1497 (10 moons, 25 scute after eclipse). August 10 (one solar year after eclipse) Cabot reports to Henry VII about New World.
Third voyage of Columbus.
1534-1542 Cartier in Canada, prepares Samuel de Champlain.
1543 Copernicus publishes work, begins scientific revolution in Europe.
1552 Beginning of Fourth Fire, September.
September 1551–September 1552: Year of signs and omens.
1553 Saskatchewan eclipse, July 10
1569 Henry Hudson born, September 12
1608 John Smith’s eclipse, Sargasso Sea, August 10
Close alignment of sun and moon calendars, September 8 / 11.
Completion of 392nd year, September 11.

First half of Seven Fires cycle complete.
1608 John Smith elected Council President of Jamestown, begins expanding English fort.
Samuel de Champlain in Quebec
September 12, 1608–September 11, 1609: Year of signs and omens; first solar year of second half of Seven Fires cycle.
1609 Hudson lands at Manhattan, September 11.
Hudson celebrates 40th birthday near location of today’s Times Square, September 12.
Half Moon attacks protesters at Indian Point, October 1.
Larger battle with canons at Nipnischsen (Yonkers) on October 2nd.
Hudson’s “toast” and farewell to Manhattan, October 3.
1663 Final Esopus Wars
1664 Beginning of Fifth Fire, September
September 1663–September 1664: Year of signs and omens.
James Bay Eclipse, September 1
British invade New Netherlands, negate all Native American treaties, New Amsterdam becomes New York, September.
1717 Pontiac’s eclipse, October 4
1720 Midpoint of Fifth Fire, September.
Pontiac born in Long House at Fort Detroit
September 1719–September 1720: Year of signs and omens.
1769 Pontiac killed in Cahokia, by a Peoria/Kaskaskian along the Maumee River, April 2
Circa 1770 Tecumseh born.
1776 Thomas Paine’s Common Sense published, January 9
Declaration of Independence, July 3- 4
Adams, Franklin, refute Howe’s terms of surrender at Tottenville, (near John Colman’s/Rarian’s burial site) commit to Revolution on last day of Fifth Fire, September 11.
Beginning of Sixth Fire, September 12
George Washington crosses the Kitchi Sipi (Delaware River) at Sunqheague (Falls of the Delaware) December 25.
September 1775-September 1776: Solar year of signs and omens.
1777 Battle of Princeton, January 3.
Princeton eclipse, January 9
First year of Sixth Fire solar year of signs and omens completed September 11.
Battle of Saratoga, first major victory for US , one lunar year + one week after the beginning of the Sixth Fire.
US Articles of Confederation adopted, November 15, with input from Charles Thompson, honorary Delaware.
1778 Battle of Brandywine, many ”Brandywine” Unami Delaware are killed or displaced, American flag flown in battle for the first time, Washington defeated on Sept.11, 1778, must move nation’s capital from Philadelphia (Shackamaxon) to Lancaster (Okehocking).
Chief George White Eyes of Delaware assassinated, November.
1832 Midpoint of Sixth Fire, September
September 1832-September 1833: Solar year of signs and omens.
Peace/surrender treaty of Sac and Fox (relatives of Mohican) to end Black Hawk’s Wars was signed September 21, nine days after midpoint of Sixth Fire.
1834 “Trail of Tears” Eclipse (Chattanooga/Memphis) November 30
Running River Treaty near Chattanooga, Nov. 27–30
1835 One lunar year after eclipse, (one day early) NY Stock Exchange burns, “The Great Fire.” December 16.
One lunar year (plus 12 days) after eclipse, Trail of Tears Treaty signed at New Echota, December 29, 1835.
1888 Beginning of Seventh Fire, September 12
September 1887-September 1888: Solar year of signs and omens.
1889 Wovoka’s Eclipse, Pyramid Lake, Nevada, January 1
1890 Wounded Knee massacre of the Mineconjou, one solar year after eclipse, December 29
1906 Mahatma Gandhi coins term “Satyagraha” to refer to Civil Disobedience techniques Thoreau learned from Penobscots, September 11.
1944 Midpoint of Seventh Fire, September.
September 12, 1944–September 11, 1945: Year of signs and omens.
1945 Last Long House “to prevent end of the world,” ceremony, spring
Hitler dies April 30.
Long House Eclipse, July 9
Hiroshima destroyed, August 6.
Japanese prison camps on Borneo liberated, September 11, last day of solar year of signs and omens after midpoint.
1991 Fifth Sun begins for Maya, July 11. “UFO ” Eclipse over Mexico City
1998 Al Gore unveils White House Global Warming Initiative, August 10.
1999 Solar and lunar calendars coincide September 11/September 12, within a day of each other, for first time since 1315. 783rd year completed.
2000 End of Seventh fire
. End of 784th year of Seven Fires Prophecy cycle, September 11-12. (New Moon) Rough alignment of sun and moon calendars.
September 2000–September 2001: Year of signs and omens.
Lunz memo on how to dismiss global warming in campaign. “A Report of The Project for the New American Century, dated September 2000.”
Disputed US presidential election, November 8
2001 World Trade Center falls, marking end of the first solar year of signs and omens after the Seven Fires cycle, September 11, 2001. Sixteen years until eclipse of 2017; 23 until eclipse of 2024. “Will we light the Eighth fire?”

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