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The Case For The Daemon (cont.)
By Anthony Peake

Michael Persinger of the Laurentian University in Sudbury, Canada, has spent many years studying this peculiar psychological effect. He even has a term for this perception. He calls it the 'Visitor Experience'. Indeed he has been able to reproduce the sensation under laboratory conditions. Persinger considers that the experience shows a linear progression. At its weakest the subject just feels that they are not alone - that there is something else in the room that he or she cannot see. However at its strongest the subject perceives an objectively existing being of tangible reality, a being that has great emotional significance to him or her. For some this may be perceived as an angel or even a god.

As the intensity increases the manifestation may become even more immanent in the sensual world of the subject. Sensations such as weird buzzing sounds, tingling sensations and, occasionally, a huge energy release from within the body itself.

What is of significance for Persinger is that when measured using an encephalograph the brain activity of the subject is seen to focus in on a particular part of the brain, the temporal lobes. As the activity becomes more intense it spills over into the occipital lobes. When this happens there is a sudden externalisation of the sensation. This involves the 'sensed presence' manifesting itself as a visual being fully external to the subject. A common description is of a cowled figure with just a face and hand visible through the folds.

What is very interesting is that if the lower portion of the temporal lobes become activated at this time then long dormant memories may spontaneously enter the subject's mind. The 'being' will then communicate information that seems intensely personal. This may be interpreted as telepathy or omnipotent knowledge. However there is more. According to Persinger past-life memories can be evoked in a panoramic life re-run similar to those reported during the phenomenon known as the Near-Death Experience.

If this is the case then could it be that the other major element of the NDE experience - the 'Being In White' - is really an external projection of the experiencer's non-dominant consciousness? If so it would certainly explain how this being shows such intimate knowledge of the dying person's past life.

Could it be that this being really is an independent focus of consciousness that has shared the life of its alter-ego? Could the experiments of Persinger shown that the Daemon is a very real aspect of every human being's neurological make-up?

Cheating The Ferryman?

In my first book, Is There Life After Death, The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When You Die I present evidence that that during the last few seconds of life we all split into the two entities I term the Daemon and the Eidolon. Up until this moment both entities have perceived themselves as a unitary being. The Daemon, suddenly discovering its true vocation, is aware that it is responsible for the experience called the past-life review. It begins the review whilst at the same time manifesting itself as an image perceived by its Eidolon as a figure. For some this will be seen as a classical 'Grim Reaper' figure whereas to others the Daemon may be seen as a relative, religious figure or even an animal. Anything that will fit to fill in the Eidolon's preconceptions of who will be there to welcome him or her into the next life. The Daemon then starts the past-life review using the memory stores of the temporal lobes. However to be a reported Near-Death Experience actual death does not take place. The subject lives to tell the tale. Many of these survivors describe how 'my life flashed before my eyes'. This may be because the Daemon, suddenly becoming aware that death will be avoided this time, metaphorically presses the 'fast forward' button and aborts the process.

What happens in a Real-Death Experience is that the Daemon starts the past-life review without the need to fast-forward. The dying Eidolon, in the last few seconds of its life, falls out of time and re-lives again its whole life in a minute by minute three dimensional recreation of a life that is indistinguishable from the real thing. However there is one major difference - this time the Daemon is not only self-aware but remembers what happened last time. In this way the Daemon reproduces exactly the role as described by The Gnostics, the Stoics and the Pagan sages. It becomes a guardian angel looking after the life of its lower self - exactly as described by Socrates.

Could it be that most of us are living our lives in a three dimensional illusion? Well it would help to explain certain ongoing mysteries. Precognition suddenly does not defy scientific knowledge because it is simply a memory. Déjà vu can be seen for what it is - a jump in the playback mechanism or simply a flashback. And what about those weird hunches, synchronicities and intuitions that seems to regularly enter our consciousness? Could they be just messages from our own higher self - our Daemon?

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