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The Geometry of Giza
By Edward G. Nightingale

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The Giza Template

The Giza Template

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Edward Nightingale

Edward Nightingale is a master woodworker and woodcarver with over 30 years of experience using the tools of the trade, measure and geometry, as well he has been a performing musician for over 30 years. Applying his understanding of geometry, measure, mathematics and music, he has discovered designed in the geometry and layout of the pyramid complex at Giza, by the original architects, high science and mathematics. One of the mysteries solved in The Giza Template is the root of the measuring system, how the original numbers are derived and their relationship to the speed of light. See Edward's website at:

In 1997 I traveled to Egypt with John Anthony West with an idea on the design and layout of the pyramid complex at Giza. I hypothesized that Giza was designed as a whole complex, with each structure playing its part and information would be encoded within the geometry of the design, which could then be translated into mathematics. The fact that there are no hieroglyphs or inscriptions at the site is logical, hieroglyphs and inscriptions would detract from the geometrical information encoded. After many years of studying the Giza Plateau I have complied evidence to show that there is indeed information encoded at Giza and I will present this new information in my work, The Giza Template, Key of 432. This article will cover the geometry and the Phi, Pi, Fibonacci relationship.

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To back engineer the design of the Giza Plateau, we do so with the following understanding as best explained by John Neal. The original architects were to “design a model of the world durable enough to be interpreted without instruction five or more millennia into the future”. “The tools used by the original creator are regarded as a straightedge and a compass and he who would attempt the task would be limited by the same constraints. The solution to the reconciliation of arcs and lines must therefore be governed by proportion”. “These ideal expressions may be used for convenient approximations that are easily committed to memory, the tools of metrology, or number system are then available to correct the figures to any degree of accuracy”. Working with a compass and straight edge then verifying with Auto Cad, I re-drew the Giza Plateau and have uncovered the key to understanding the message encoded.

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