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Anubis, Companion to Osiris (Cont)

By Lee McGiffen

The Zodiac of Denderah

The jackal is a very quick animal. The mythologist would recognize it as a Trickster figure. For example, the Coyote plays a prominent role in North American Indian mythology. Ordinarily the zootype would apply to a quickly moving celestial object, such as the Moon or Mercury. But in the iconography that is of interest to us, the jackal is not moving at all. This is very curious. The jackal is at his resting-place, at the mount of heaven, like Zeus at the top of Mt Olympus. Of course it is the celestial pole. So Anubis must be either the celestial pole, or a constellation at the pole.

The iconography I am talking about is the Denderah Zodiac. As Graham Hancock states in Heaven's Mirror (page 61), the Zodiac of Denderah appears to have been set out according to a map of the sky from about 4000 BC, and it shows Anubis the Jackal as the constellation Ursa Minor. Apparently Anubis has been associated with Ursa Minor all through Egyptian history. (Ursa Minor is sometimes called the Dog of Set to confuse us.) The depiction of Ursa Minor as a Jackal led the Greeks to identify Ursa Minor with a dog or wolf (as in the myth of King Lycaon and his son Arcas). Hence one of their names for Polaris was Cynosura, the Dog's Tail.

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