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Anubis, Companion to Osiris (Cont)

By Lee McGiffen

The Modern Drama

I do not wish any of this to supplant the Orion Correlation Theory, or more correctly put, the Orion's Belt Correlation Theory. Both the equatorial constellations (the sun-folk - to which Orion belongs) and the polar constellations, to which Ursa Minor belongs, play a part in the astronomical mythology. Anubis and Osiris together make up the astronomical drama that is represented in the Opening of the Mouth ceremony. This drama is acting out now, as Orion's Belt (the phallus, girdle or umbilicus of Osiris) crosses the equator, and Polaris (the tail of Anubis) approaches the pole position.

Is this the raising up of Osiris by Anubis, his faithful companion?

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