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Anubis, Companion to Osiris (Cont)

By Lee McGiffen

Polar Triad Correlation Theory

In summary, here is my case for Anubis. Anubis is Ursa Minor. His resting-place is a mount, which is the celestial pole. The king, as a shaman-priest, must ascend to the pole, which is an opening in the sky. By the Hermetic principle, the World Axis or Tree (or Ladder of Isis, or Djed Column) joins the north celestial pole, the opening in the sky, with the opening in the earth, which is a figure of an entrance to the Hall of Records. So, to find this entrance, one finds a point on the ground that corresponds to the celestial pole.

We are restricted at this point by the Orion Correlation theory, which says that the three pyramids on the ground correspond to the three stars of Orion's Belt. But I have shown that the polar constellations, and Ursa Minor specifically, were the destination of the soul of the shaman-priest. I make the bold hypothesis here that the three pyramids correspond to three stars in the polar region of the sky. If we find a triad of polar stars that correspond in configuration to the three pyramids, then the celestial pole might correspond to an opening to the Hall of the Gods on the ground.

But here's the rub! The celestial pole is not a fixed point. It moves over the centuries. So, which epoch do we choose? I shall not answer this question here as it is quite an involved argument. Instead let me raise the possibility of there being three stars in the polar region of the sky which may correspond to the three pyramids. I shall call this the Polar Triad Correlation Theory.

Which polar triad is the correct one? There are seven polar triads that I have examined:

  • Polaris-Yildun-Epsilon
  • Polaris-Kochab-Thuban
  • Polaris-Epsilon-Kochab
  • Polaris-Epsilon-Pherkad
  • Merak-Dubhe-lambda Draconis
  • Kappa-Thuban-Edasich
  • Kochab-Thuban-Mizar

Each of these correlations has its virtues, and some have their drawbacks. All I want to suggest for now is that these are the sorts of correlations that must be researched if we are to unearth the Hall of Records.

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