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Serpent of the North: The Overlook Mountain/Draco Correlation
By Glenn M. Kreisberg, New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA)

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Lost Knowledge of the Ancients

Lost Knowledge of the Ancients

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A licensed outdoor guide for twenty years Glenn Kreisberg is also a radio frequency engineer, writer and researcher who currently serves as Vice President of the New England Antiquities Research Association ( ). He’s researched and published articles and interviews on electromagnetism and the ancients, historic bluestone quarrying in upstate New York and lithic sites and alignments in the northeast U.S., among others. Glenn is also the current editor of the Author of the Month page featured at as well as the founder and editor of the alternative science and history web site He resides in Woodstock N.Y. with his wife and two children.
His first book, an edited anthology of essays titled Lost Knowledge of the Ancients, is out now by Bear & Co. Inner Traditions.


The stone constructions discussed in this paper represent the discovery of a petroform, i.e. a purposeful arrangement in rock or stone which may be geometric, animal or human in shape. Covering an area of several acres on a southeastern facing slope of Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, New York, a grouping of very large, carefully constructed lithic formations, when connected together and taken as whole, appear to create a serpent or snake figure or effigy. The large stone constructions, consisting of 6 very large stone cairns, along with 2 snake effigies/serpent walls, are surrounded by a few dozen, much smaller stone cairns arranged in clusters and rows. Native American seasonal habitation sites have been documented nearby dating to 4000 years BPE and the site, in recent years, was visited by a Native American Tribal Preservation Officer who, along with many other individuals who have visited the site, felt great awe, wonder and deep respect for the ancient stone symbols present at the site. If the petroform is confirmed as authentic and constructed in antiquity, it can be inferred that the site was at one time (and still should be) considered “sacred”. Additionally, because of the close correlation between the two representations, it is proposed that the snake symbol petroform created by the large lithic structure on Overlook Mountain may represent the star constellation Draco (the Dragon).


Overlook Mountain has long struck an iconic image looming above the Hudson River Valley, acting as sentry to the eastern most woodland slopes of Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Drawn to those slopes for thousands of years humans have worked and roamed there as prehistoric hunter gatherers, early agrarians, colonial lumber cutters and hide tanners, early American glass blowers and quarrymen, and 20th century Utopians, hikers and hunters. With such a long and varied past, it’s safe to say, Overlook Mountain can be recognized as a serial use area; an area used by many different groups of people, for many different purposes and reasons, for thousands of years.

Beyond that, Overlook Mountain has inspired, enlightened and invoked. From practical to artistic and spiritual, the Mountain has been the source and subject of countless paintings, drawings, illustrations, meditations, poetry and books, all seeking in some way to capture, experience and ultimately document the essence and nature of the tangible as well as intangible aspects the mountain possesses.

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