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Did Ancient Humans Have Knowledge of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum? (cont.)
By Glenn Kreisberg, Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Engineer

As a radio frequency engineer, I find these possibilities fascinating, and while pondering them I had a bit of a revelation: Namely, A birds-eye view of the temple structure and configurations in Malta, in many ways closely resemble an antenna propagation pattern with it's main beam lobe, side lobes, and nulls (between the lobes). See Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 An illustration showing the similarities of the Hagar Qim Temple compound layout on Malta when compared to a typical 800 MHz wireless antenna pattern

There are an infinite variety of patterns that can be generated by antennas depending on the beam width desired, distance between the antenna poles and the frequency being transmitted. However, nearly all antenna patterns have similar characteristics consisting of main beam lobe and side lobes as well as nulls and back lobe.

I believe lobe was a word Graham Hancock specifically used in Underworld to describe the temple structures on Malta. And, when Hancock mentioned the unusual acoustics he encountered in the Hypogeum on Malta, I began researching anything that referred to those acoustics or a similar effect.

In Joseph S.Ellul’s 1988 publication Malta’s Prediluvian Culture at the Stone-Age Temples, the author describes, “Before going into the entrance, just have a look at the lintel and at the long blocks lying alongside and on top of it. Most of them, including the lintel itself, which measures about nine feet square and 18 inches thick, were scattered about in this courtyard. Almost all of these blocks had been thrown over into this yard for a distance of about 20 feet. The lintel fell on its right corner and was splintered in the fall.” Interestingly, Ellul continues, “That lintel was found resting some 30 feet to the East of the doorway, lying on some rubbish and with one of the long horizontal slabs on top of it. It happened that the upper stone had certain acoustic characteristics and was positioned so as to be almost perfectly balanced, and whenever one hit it with another stone, it rang like a bell.” That peculiarity earned it the nickname of "The Bell of Ħaġar Qim" but, during works carried out in the 1950's, these various blocks were put back in their present places on top of the front wall, and "The Bell of Hagar Qim" was no more.

Odds are, of course, this is all simply coincidence, but it poses the interesting question: Exactly what is the unique and specific temple design layout of Hagar Qim based upon? What was the impetus and influence that dictated the architectural configuration so long ago?

I design digital wireless networks utilizing the EM Spectrum, transmitters, receivers, modulators and antenna. I also do propagation prediction modeling using powerful computer programs. The program creates a model showing how a location will perform using different antenna, elevation, azimuths and power settings. Sites are chosen based on how well the location propagates a signal.

Again, when Hancock mentions in Underworld how the land gently dropped away for a great distance from a temple location, I couldn't help think how ideal that is for signal propagation when designing sites that can transmit great distances.

Is it possible some ancient temple locations were chosen for similar reasons? If the temple location were part of some kind of communications network utilizing the EM Spectrum, I'd say they were.

Is it possible a correlation exists between the Maltese temple architecture and antenna propagation patterns? Perhaps, but much more research and investigation is needed before any firm conclusions can be drawn. Certainly it can be said that the temple layout seems to conform strikingly to the characteristics of antenna propagation patterns.

If a connection were proven to exist, what would be the implications? Certainly a radical rethinking the level of technological sophistication that may have existed in ancient civilization, not to mention the question of how this knowledge came to the builders of the Maltese temples.

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