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Did Ancient Humans Have Knowledge of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum? (cont.)
By Glenn Kreisberg, Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Engineer

Fig. 3 Saw tooth wave representation

Fig. 4 Sine wave representation

Observing what he believes to be power plant plans on ancient tapestry, and microprocessor design in Egyptian temple layout, Slovakian researcher Dr. Pavel Smutny has written, “Maybe it is unusual and surprising, but in ornaments on old carpets are woven-in schemes, and principle plans of advanced technologies, which come from vanished cultures and thousands-year-old civilizations. These residues are probably the last ones, which can help revive forgotten, very sophisticated technologies and methods for exploitation of natural electrostatic energy sources”

On the Egyptian temples Smutny continues, “ If we see plans for the Valley temple at Spynx, or of the Mortuary temple at Chaphre's pyramid, or the Mortuary temple at Menkaure pyramid, or also of Osereion from Abydos, to a person familiar with the basics of computer techniques, or even better to person experienced with construction of microwave circuits in bands above 1 Gigahertz (GHz), he will tell you that these plans are schemes of PCBs (boards for electronic circuits).”

Smutny further notes, “These plans look like schemes of electronic circuits working on quite high frequencies above 1 GHz, with use of so called components with distributed (spread) parameters. These components are of such sort, that the top conductive layer is formed to various shapes, which work as inductors, capacitors, resistors, filters, resonators, or have similar functions. Advantages of so produced circuits are very good functions and low losses on high frequencies. Not so different from classical electronic circuits with use of discrete components as began to be produced in the 1980s, in at that time superior high frequency devices.”

If, as Smutny suggests, these tapestry patterns and temple layouts are representations of fragmentary remnants from long lost science, what could have been the original source, other than a previously existing technologically advanced civilization? Of course more evidence is needed before any solid conclusions can be drawn.

Fig. 5 Photo showing Neolithic “lobe” construction of the Temple of Mnajdra on Malta
Photo courtesy

Turning his attention to the ancient temples of Malta, Smutny explains, “…Complexes were used probably as generators of high frequency acoustic waves. Purposes were (maybe) to arrange a communication channel among various islands”. Legends abound around Malta of sirens (acoustically) tempting or deafening seafarers. Sirens were persons, possibly the best singers with the strongest voices, namely obese or thick women, such as some modern opera stars. Many statues of just such woman have been discovered everywhere on Malta including temples, standing on pedestals in the middle of complexes. Smutny speculates, “ …Their singing modulated low frequency signals, which were generated on opposite ends of temples (in windows and in doors) simply with a bell, or with vibrating metal plates, or even with a strong wind drafted through a wall opening.”

The oval multi-chambered configuration of the Maltese temples would allow signals formed from groups of air particles, before output, to be amplified in a second parallel opposite oval spaces of the temple. This would be analogous with a resonator. To support his theory, Smutny points to the massive blocks used for construction of the complexes, noting they are a very good resonant material.

Smutny suggests a reconstruction experiment to prove functionality of the megalithic complexes, in which the roofs would be intact (buildings are currently without ceilings), and models made from concrete, or from stone in suitable scale. For testing, acoustical or ultrasound frequencies should be utilized, where wavelengths are diminished to scale.

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