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Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, Authors of the Month for January 2010

Was our solar system designed to produce humans? (cont.)
By Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

Christopher Knight Biography

Chris Knight has over thirty years experience in marketing and advertising in consumer goods and business to business. Until 2001 Chris was chairman of Paradigm; the marketing, advertising and PR company that was named England's 'Advertising Agency of the Year' in 2000.

Chris became a writer almost by accident. Back in 1976 he became a Freemason because he was curious to know what the organisation was really about and whether there rituals were as weird as people said. He soon discovered that the rituals were even more oddball as he expected, and slowly he realised that no one in Freemasonry really understood where the Order had come from or what their ceremonies meant. He decided to conduct his own private research and for the next 20 years he slowly reconstructed the origins of the Craft.

With help from fellow Freemason, Robert Lomas, Chris put his findings into a book that he called The Hiram Key - published in 1996. Within three days of release the book unexpectedly entered the UK's top ten bestseller list and remained there for three months. This book is currently available in over forty languages.

This was followed by The Second Messiah, Uriel's Machine and The Book of Hiram.

His researches led him increasingly backwards in time and he has spent the last ten years working with Alan Butler to investigate the origins of Megalithic metrology leading to the co-authoring of Civilization One in 2004. This was followed by Who Built the Moon, Solomon's Power Brokers and Before the Pyramids.

Chris currently divides his time between a director of a number of companies and continuing his researches and writing books. He lives in Yorkshire, England with his wife Caroline and has three grown up daughters by his first marriage.

Alan Butler Biography

Alan Butler is 58 years of age and has been a professional writer for the last twenty-five years. Having written since childhood Alan first made his way in the world as an engineer, a background he insists has been of tremendous use to him in his writing career.

With a special interest in ancient civilizations and history generally, Alan's work has been geared towards uncovering mysteries from the past. An expert in ancient astronomy, Alan Butler has worked hard over the years to gain an understanding of the great importance ancient civilizations put upon the stars and planets, both in a practical and a mythological sense. It was this that lead to his first major book 'The Bronze Age Computer Disc', published in the early 1990's by Quantum.

Establishing a working relationship with best selling author Christopher Knight, Alan Butler co-operated over the creation of the very successful 'Civilization One' a groundbreaking book about the evolution of measuring systems and the true extent of ancient knowledge concerning the Earth and the part it plays in the solar system. It was out of this research that Chris and Alan made their groundbreaking recognition of just how very odd the Earth's Moon is. The result was their much talked about book, 'Who Built the Moon?'

Chris and Alan have also co-operated on the Masonic book, 'Solomon's Powerbrokers', which in part led to the revelations at the end of their latest book, 'Before the Pyramids'. In 'Before the Pyramids' Chris and Alan introduce a great deal of incontrovertible evidence supporting their earlier assumptions regarding use of ancient measuring systems and also expose what can only be described as a conspiracy at the very heart of the United States to make Washington DC the centre of a New World Order that has been planned for centuries.

As a solo writer Alan had written books on the Knights Templar, the origins and continuation of Goddess Worship and his best selling book, 'The Virgin and the Pentacle', which is an in depth appraisal of the true nature of Freemasonry and the way it has had a bearing on society.

Alan is also an accomplished dramatist with a string of plays to his credit and two of which he is particularly proud that were produced with great success on BBC radio. He is also particularly proud of his book 'Sheep' that shows just how important sheep have been to the history of our world. 'The subject always makes people smile', he says, 'but readers have been very, very surprised with this title.

Alan lives with his wife Kate in the North East of England. When not at his desk he loves to stay active and enjoys working with wood, as well as tinkering with his ageing but much loved open-topped sports car.

Chris Knight is speaking at the following events in early 2010:

International Conference on Ancient Studies -
'The origins of Civilization' to be held in Dubai February 12th - 13th

World Congress of Initiatic Societies -
Macerata, Italy. April 17th

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