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For the month of June, 2011, please join us on the Author of the Month Message Boards to discuss this month’s featured article by Jason Gregory, on his new book Way of the Weirdo.

We have come to a moment in time where we all need to make a choice. We can either maintain on our perilous course with the destruction of our world and the ultimate extinction of the human species, or we can choose the alternative. So now you have to choose. Are you going to uphold the status quo and participate in the eventual annihilation of the human race? If the answer is yes then go no further and go on about your day as if this never happened. If you are still here then I must congratulate you for choosing the alternative. The alternative choice we are faced with is not some system or revolution which will guide us in a different direction. It is a path; it is a journey to explore who we truly are.

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Also see Gregory's presentation, 'The Sacred Sound of Creation' below:

One World Within Productions presents Jason Gregory's experiential journey known as "The Sacred Sound of Creation." Combined with the artistry of US filmmaker and musician Justin Jezewski, "The Sacred Sound of Creation" is an expression of consciousness through knowledge, music and visualization, which explores the fundamental principles of reality."

When most people feel under stress they often say, “It feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.” It is a very common phrase used amongst English speaking nations. But behind this one phrase is a quintessential truth, because when one is on a path to self-transformation they realize that the weight of the world is truly on their shoulders, so it is up to them to change it. Yet this whole phenomenon of being the change has become confusing to many and in some cases a smell of pollution surrounds this so called change. At this moment and throughout time we have seen large groups of people around the world in rebellion against external forces. The problem with a lot of these rebellions is that most of them are based on an “us against them” mentality, which implies a lack of wisdom as to what the nature of reality is. On the other side of the spectrum we have a large internal awakening occurring around the planet, where major portions of this energetic change have been hijacked and are shrouded in ego to line the pockets of a few with plenty of money. Thus both external and internal are in chaos with one another. We need to find common ground because the weight of this world is becoming unbearable. Somehow we need to find the balance to this weight.

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