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Ancient Signposts (cont.)
By Arthur Faram

The Book

The research into my family history eventually led me to an ancient mystery that involved the Newport Tower in Newport, RI USA. There were two controversies brewing about the Tower at the time. They were the questions of who built the tower, and why it was built.

The Newport Tower, and the presumed date of construction, correlated with the information which I had gathered while researching my family history. Using the information I had gathered, and with Geometry being my favorite math, I applied these principles to solving the mystery of the Newport Tower. In solving the Newport Tower mystery I was also led to the mystery of the Kensington Runstone in Kensington, Minnesota. In the process I learned that the Tower and the Stone were mutually supporting. The solutions to these two mysteries can be found in the book.

It was while solving these two puzzles that I learned that there was more to the geometric principles, used in these solutions, than simply solving the Tower and the Stone mysteries. By applying the same geometrical principals to other monuments, such as Stonehenge in the UK, the Yonaguni Pyramid in Japan, the Pyramids of China, and many other monoliths, it was learned that our ancestors had left a worldwide network of geoglyphs that revealed an amazing story of worldwide knowledge, and exploration of the world, as far back as 10,000 BC and longer. 

It was then that I begin the arduous task of applying these principles, first to known and dated monoliths such as Stonehenge, and then, as they were discovered, to geoglyphs around the world. The name given to this emerging science was Geoglyphology.

It is the product of Geoglyphology, which unlocked the true history of the ancient peoples of the world in a way that has never been done before, that is presented in “Ancient Signposts”.


It is necessary that the reader understand the evolving science of Geoglyphology and how that field, and the associated symbols, relate to the book. You will realize, as you read through the book, that information gained through Geoglyphology has the ability to rewrite history, as we know it. 

During our research it was discovered that down through time civilizations have secretly passed down a legacy of geoglyphs on the shores and highlands of land masses around the world. A well known example, which is presented in the book, is the geoglyphs of Nazca in Peru. The reason the Nazca Lines and other geoglyphs were not discovered until recently is that they are too large to be seen from the ground. And so it is with most geoglyphs.

The primary validations of the arguments contained in the book are verified by researched, documented and dated monuments around the world that have existed for millennia. Scholars have discussed and speculated about many of these monuments for centuries, their true purpose never having been discovered. Also included are heretofore undiscovered geoglyphs that are now documented in the book. These geoglyphs serve as historical signposts which document and date ancient peoples, their territories and their movements around the globe. Geoglyphs exist on every continent and many islands around the world and range in age from the 10,000 year old Yonaguni Pyramid in Japan, to the 250 year old streets of Washington, DC USA.

Data recovered from these studies includes obtaining the geographical range of the culture being studied, the level of sophistication that existed in relation to their understanding of mathematics and geometry, their knowledge of world geography, the discovery of other archeological sites that were unknown prior to the studies, and the dating of the culture itself by the data collected offsite locations identified at the dig site.

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