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Frank Dörnenburg, Author of the Month for January 2009

Pyramid Mysteries? What's that? (cont.)
By Frank Dörnenburg

But the greatest mystery is the pyramids themselves, their simple existence; this is the creed of all alternative historians. It was impossible for a simple civilization like the Egyptians to build such monuments with their simple tools and methods, or to plan and construct them - even preparation and transport of the blocks was an impossible feat. And even if they could do some of the tasks with their simple tools, they could never have done it in the time available.
We take a look at all those "unsolvable" problems and start with the quarries. There is, for example, the assertion that a quarry as large as Egypt itself would have been necessary to quarry all the stones in the required time. However, if we take the numbers given by the author himself and check the results with a pocket calculator, we see that the quarries found at Giza are sufficient.
There are more "impossible" tasks connected with the stone transport, several authors claim that all the blocks for the pyramids were transported with endless fleets of reed boats over distances of several hundred kilometers. Finally, we get an answer to the question why the Egyptians used such large blocks for their pyramids, rather than small handy ones.
After clarifying the origin of the blocks we take a look at the problems preventing the Egyptians stacking them to make a pyramid. There is, for example, the assertion that the Egyptians of the Pyramid Age didn't have ropes, that wooden sleds would shatter under the weight of a pyramid block, or that it is simply impossible to build a ramp to transport the stone blocks.
Then we examine the most probable ramp type: a spiral-integral ramp, after Klemm and Klemm, which rests entirely on the pyramid body and requires very little constructional material. In addition, the edges of the pyramid are completely visible, which is important to get a straight edge and only possible with an integral ramp.
Next, we examine a model to transport the large granite monoliths for the relieving chambers without large ramps, and discuss the pros and cons of using concrete for pyramid building.
Some authors propose some really bizarre solutions. Robert Charroux argues that the Egyptians knew herb extracts which could soften stone so that blocks could have been more easily quarried, while other authors propose a form of levitation. Can these theories really provide solutions and are those solutions better than those using traditional tools? The answers are astounding.


The last riddle is a new one. It is the Orion Correlation Theory, published by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert in 1994. This claims that the pyramids of the 4th and early 5th dynasty represent stars from the constellations Orion and Taurus. This topic is very complex and the book deals with only a small part of it, the so called "big picture". It examines how precisely the Egyptians could have mapped the stars and what accuracy was possible in copying this image onto the ground. Then a comparison between the stellar positions and the actual position of the pyramids is made using satellite images from Google Earth. The results are interesting and sobering.

Comprehensive references and an extensive bibliography complete the book, whose conclusion is: Don't believe everything. The more dramatic the theory, the more skeptical one should be. And nothing beats checking the most outlandish claims yourself.

I would like to thank John Wall and Joanne Conman for their help with the translation.

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A chapter from the book can be loaded from here: Leseprobe - PDF (in German)

Book details

Pyramdiengeheimnisse? Enträtselte Mysterien
Soft cover: 178 Seiten, 126 pictures, mostly in colour
Price: 24,95 Euro
Publisher: Brose, Patrick; 1st Edition (3. November 2008)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3981200039
ISBN-13: 978-3981200034

Signed versions can be ordered from the author. For details email to Pyramidenfrank :-)

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