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Earth gyration & climate change
By Hendrik G. Dirker

Ancient Egypt and its mysterious monuments have long eluded comprehension. The message of the pyramids is geometrically interpretable in conjunction with geology, astronomy and mythology -a message which mankind cannot ignore. It forewarns a looming apocalypse: cataclysmic global flooding followed by an ice age.

The Old Kingdom pyramids combine purposefully as a device to monitor a motion-cycle of the Earth, not yet grasped by our civilization. This makes it highly probable that the originators of the pyramids were highly advanced, or alternatively, that we have devolved.


Textbooks regurgitate Luni-Solar gravitation as the basis of precession -not the most apt word but for familiarity's sake we'll continue its association here with the phenomenon. Earth motion is conventionally likened to a gyroscopic mechanism. The current precession model would be acceptable had we monitored a complete cycle and if things were hunkydory-fine with our planet, neither being the case however: we know of ice ages, not what triggers them...

If the current accepted model does not harmonize with Earth history and an alternative concept does, it deserves thorough scrutiny. Can we interpret the mumbo-jumbo legends of old and, through cross-disciplinary philosophy, surmount the associated challenges of pioneering territory? Notwithstanding being short of accounting for cause, which requires reverse engineering, it is imperative to realize the gravity of the effect, moreover, for the origin of the principle to be comprehended...

"The foremost duty of a scientist is to check the facts. However science on an inspired level requires more than making and collecting observations; it is also the drawing of conclusions, and possibly the formulation of a theory. At this stage imagination is needed and this involves a much more difficult task… Usually scientists are willing to give any theory, however doubtful, a try provided it shows imagination and it offers new ideas… A scientific theory has to be judged by its credibility, which depends on the supporting evidence. Its value increases with the volume of such evidence…"

Dr. Kurt Mendelssohn, The Riddle of the Pyramids

Two Lands Division

Analysis of alternative model:

Our whole Galaxy revolves, with us and our Sun in it; however, for practical purposes the Sun is a stationary body and the Earth exhibits motion. The absolute relationship between the Sun and the Earth is defined by Earth's orbit. It is a constant perpendicular relationship between two spherical bodies, regardless of an elliptical orbit. Perpendicular to its orbital plane, Earth is divided into day and night (similar to the Moon, when it is in half phase) and where the two half spheres merge, a line can be drawn. In accordance with ancient interpretation, Antarctica is placed in the upper position.

Rostau Giza divide

Suppose we could 'freeze' its motions and analyze Earth geodesy: The polar spin axis is geographically demarcated by a meridian that follows the Nile River, along the length of the African Continent. This meridian is delineated by the Dahshur and Meidum pyramids. The axis of precession in turn, is demarcated by the Zawyet el Aryan Pyramid and the Abu Ruwash Pyramid. Upper and Lower Egypt is divided by the diagonal intersect but notably also the Earth, by extension (the hub of the intersection is at Giza). I shall call this the 'Two-Lands-Division'.

Upper & Lower Egypt

This configuration has a dual element in the celestial sphere, incorporating stars in Orion as well as other constellations. The meridian defined by Polaris and Menkalinan, correlates with Earth's polar axis. Although we are aware of its various motions, the orientation and synchronization of our planet in time-unison with the Galaxy, other than its present status, is unknown to Earthlings... There is an ancient mythical source however, that unveils revolutionary comprehension of this motion-time commencement: Zep Tepi.

Celestial sphere divide
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