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An Ancient Hindu Royal Throne
By Deepak Bhattacharya

A - Abstract

Orissa had a long history of great builders. Such royal patrons surely must have had a royal throne. However, no archaeology has so far been reported. This study presents a royal throne. It is related to Yayati Kesari-II.

B - Location & Relevant Background

Varada Ganesha
Varada Ganesha fig – 1

At Cuttack opposite high court in Kali galli is the east facing monument of Varada 1 Ganesha. It is said to have been worshipped by Raghujee Bhonsle during Maratha rule in Orissa. Raghujee is said to have given land & financial grant 2. Installation of Varada Ganesha fig – 1 on this seat therefore logically can be attributed to Raghujee in 18th AD. The shrine has a ekaka sevayat (one family) system, having the title of Dikshit of Kasyapa gotra.

A ganapatya named Taponidhi Bharati had donated his property to Jew Jagannath including those at above location called Bharati mutth 3. At the mutth there is a tradition that the Gajjapati of Khordha used to come & sit in Mukta-angana-sabha (open air court) sometime in 19th & early 20th circa. The Gajjapatis had their own property at this site as well. The sand stone podium et. al. is said to have survived till early eighties whence it was dismantled & private dwellings made. Bharati’s property vesting in temple trust was done during British period 3. The ex site of the podium, details thereof & the present location of the Singhasana may be components. Presently they are separated by approx. 35 meters only, on a N – S line. The perimeter of Bharati’s erstwhile properties; Gajjapati holdings; how it came here; inter-connection; etc. are extraneous matter.

The monument & the seat face east; monument is Suryavansi pidha type of approx 25 ft high; has rectangular jagamohana; a pillared bhogamandapa has semi-circular, arched roof in western Orissan saili (style). Both added sequentially in later periods. Lay out is linear; floor level elevation enables eye contact with deity from point of entry. This is an independent Ganesha monument. The installed deity occupies the seat #.

# - Iconographic studies are part of another report.

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