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Robert Bauval, Author of the Month for February 2008

The Egypt Code (cont.)
By Robert Bauval

It is therefore somewhat odd, not to say perverse, that with so many 'stellar' connections there has not been a single Egyptologist who was compelled enough to consider a stellar 'function' for the pyramids. And because this important matter was left unbridled for so long, it was not surprising that untrained researchers, dilatants, cranks and charlatans dished out theories that ranged from the derisory to the completely insane. Pyramids were built by the lost civilisation of Atlantis; they were built by a lost technology using levitation; they were power plants; they were electromagnetic receivers for inter-stellar communications; they were built by aliens; they were built by the Jews while in captivity in Egypt; the Great Pyramid was designed to contain detailed information of world history and future in every inch of its plan; it was a Bible in stone. So when I burst on the scene in 1994 with my first book, The Orion Mystery, showing that the pattern of the three Giza pyramids and their position relative to the Nile mirrored the pattern of the three stars of Orion's belt and their position relative to the Milky Way, the subject was so much soiled and degraded that any new theory that mentioned the 'stars' or 'astronomy' was immediately met with a barrage of academic indifference (at best) or vociferous opposition. The reaction was even more violent because my theory had received the -albeit cautious-- backing of one of the world's most eminent and most respected Egyptologists, Sir I.E.S. Edwards, who had gallantly and boldly stuck his neck out on my behalf by appearing on a BBC documentary in support of some of my ideas. This brought him the wrath of his peers but it nonetheless twisted their arms and forced some to grudgingly review my theory. But in the years that followed, and especially after Edwards's death in 1996, I was derided and pilloried by a cabal of Egyptologists and other 'experts' seemingly determined to 'debunk' the Orion Correlation Theory, as my hypothesis was now being called. All this academic onslaught was most daunting and distressing, but I held firm my ground for I knew that I had not only generated massive interest and support in the general public and the international media, but that the theory I had proposed neatly dovetailed into the context of Egypt's Pyramid Age and provided the 'missing link' to an otherwise baffling mystery. Even the most entrenched sceptic could not easily dismiss the Orion-Giza Correlation as 'coincidence'.

Fourteen long years have now passed since the publication of The Orion Mystery. Meanwhile the book has been published in more than twenty languages and there have been dozens of television documentaries fully or partially-based on the Orion Correlation Theory (viz. Britain's BBC 2 and Channel 4; America's ABC, NBC and FOX TV, Europe and America's Discovery Channel and History Channel; Italy's RAI 3; Germany's ZDF and ARD; France's ARTE and TF3; South Africa's SABC and M-net TV; Holland's AVRO TV; Australia's Channel 7; Egypt's NILE-TV and many more other channels in the Far East and Middle East). Forthcoming are two more documentaries, one with National Geographic Television titled "Unsolved Mysteries of the Pyramids"[1] (where my theory will be critically reviewed), and another made for Italy's RAI 2 and Holland's AVRO fully based on The Egypt Code.[2] Slowly but surely the Orion Correlation Theory has crept, like a thief in the night, into mainstream Egyptology and the new discipline of Archaeoastronomy. And even though it is given much lip and criticism, it is very obvious that it has touched the proverbial nerve of academia.

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