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Exploring Geographic and Geometric Relationships Along a Line of Ancient Sites Around the World (cont)

By Jim Alison


Figure 13

The glyphs and lines at Nazca are oriented along the line of ancient sites. This image of the glyphs at Nazca, with a compass bearing, is available on the internet, but it is usually oriented away from the cardinal points so that the figures are roughly horizontal and vertical. Rotating this image so that the north-south axis is vertical, aligns the figures and geometric drawings to the line of ancient sites as it crosses Nazca.

Figure 14
Image © On Top of the World

Nazca is marked by the yellow cross on the illustration. The vertical line in the center of the picture is 75° West Longitude. The horizontal line is 15° South Latitude. The white dot touching the north side of the line on the upper right side of the illustration is Machupicchu.

Figure 15

This illustration of the Nazca lines has also been rotated so that the north-south axis is vertical, and shows the primary orientation of the lines is from Southwest to Northeast, along the line of ancient sites.

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