[“Supernatural: Due to or manifesting some agency above the forces of nature, outside of the ordinary operation of cause and effect.”]


These are some of the mysteries at the heart of the quest Hancock unfolds in the pages of his new book Supernatural – a quest that takes him on a journey of adventure and detection from the depths of the Amazon rainforest, to the stunningly beautiful painted caves of prehistoric Europe, and to ancient painted rock-shelters in the remote mountains of South Africa. This is a book of page-turning story-telling with electrifying descriptions of the daunting journey that Hancock must undertake as he drinks hallucinogens with tribal shamans in the Amazon and self-experiments with DMT, psilocybin and the African visionary drug known as Iboga – “the plant that enables men to see the dead.” But Supernatural also has an exciting basis in the latest science – much of it so far largely unknown to the general public. Thus, although the book takes readers into unusual and daring areas of enquiry, and investigates extraordinary possibilities about human origins, and about the nature of consciousness and of reality, the argument is underpinned throughout by the discoveries and views of eminent scientists doing cutting-edge research.

Supernatural was published in hardback in the UK on 6 October 2005 and in the US on 1 September 2006. The UK hardback is now out of print but paperbacks are available at 8.99 in all good bookshops from 5 October 2006 and can be purchased direct from Amazon.co.uk, see here. Supernatural is also available in Canada from Amazon.ca, see here, and in the US from Amazon.com, see here. Graham Hancock will be on tour in the United States with an illustrated talk about the controversial subject matter of the book in October/November 2006 Details of the lecture schedule will be published and updated here.

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"Hancock's work is a welcome exploration and celebration of the mystery inside our skulls"
The Guardian
"As gripping as any thriller, but with profound implications for the values and future development of humanity"
"The year's most controversial book"
Daily Express
"Hancock is intelligent and articulate, and his writing is as expert as you would expect from an esteemed international correspondent"
The Scotsman
"Provocative and fascinating"
Daily Mail
"Hancock's most important book... quite stunning"
The Independant
"Supernatural explores fascinating territories of the known and the unknown"
Calgary Herald

Announcement: Supernatural Now Available in paperback the US

Supernatural is now published as a paperback in the US. The book is available from all good bookstores. To purchase online from Amazon.Com click here

The US hardback edition is available from Amazon.com here.

Announcement: Supernatural Now Available in paperback in the UK

The paperback edition of Supernatural is now available in all good bookshops, price £8.99. To purchase online from Amazon.co.uk, click here.

Supernatural Chapter 1

Supernatural Chapter 1, read by Graham

Graham Hancock on Coast to Coast AM interview

Art Bell interviews author Graham Hancock about his thesis on how "supernatural" beings interacted with and shaped human consciousness from ancient to current times.

Download the interview here on the Coast to Coast AM website or listen to streamed audio recordings.

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