War God

Author of the Month

My offer to send signed, dedicated bookplates to all who supported me by placing pre-orders for War God on the Amazon UK site expired on 30 May 2013, the day of the book's publication in the UK and was extended to 31 May 2013. The level of solidarity I've been shown has touched me deeply and despite overwhelming commitments in the coming months I would like to continue to send signed, dedicated bookplates to those who request them, even though the deadline has now passed. If you buy the book (whether from Amazon UK, Amazon Canada or any other outlet, and wherever in the world you live) then please feel free to email me at wargoddedications@gmail.com with your name and postal address and though there may be a delay of up to a month -- I will do my best, until further notice, to continue to send out autographed bookplates with the personal dedication of your choice to paste inside your copy.

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