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Message of the Watchers is deciphered. Book of Enoch 1,129  Henryr  11-Dec-17 13:32 
Last Post by Henryr
The Hongshan Culture, a late quaternary cataclysm, and Shui Jing natural glass 49  drdavidanderson  11-Dec-17 10:15 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
Was there a strange sand found in the GP? Radioactive? 660  11  Matt Stokes  11-Dec-17 05:40 
Last Post by Audrey
pyramid relationship to the earth 115  abie  11-Dec-17 02:20 
Last Post by greengirl5
The Giza Plan, further findings. 3,382  128  DUNE  11-Dec-17 01:58 
Last Post by drew
Natural gas balloons for lifting and moving megaliths 264  37  drdavidanderson  10-Dec-17 23:11 
Last Post by Corpuscles
First Apocalypse of James and precession? 221  martinhumm  10-Dec-17 21:29 
Last Post by Aine
When are you.....going to admit ! 534  24  Thunderbird  10-Dec-17 20:47 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Did the ancient Egyptians find a way to hack the matrix? 2,815  125  michael seabrook  10-Dec-17 02:19 
Last Post by drew
Atlantis: The lost city is in Java Sea 3,906  101  Dhani Irwanto  09-Dec-17 06:39 
Last Post by molder
Life After Lost Civilization 1,859  217  Thanos5150  08-Dec-17 23:45 
Last Post by Martin Stower
The Papyrus of Merer 1,237  281  Archaic  08-Dec-17 18:03 
Last Post by Warwick
what is the time now - in 26000 cycle 766  20  klsbiz  08-Dec-17 10:21 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
Pyramid Casing Stones - The Evidence 153  Barbelo  08-Dec-17 02:00 
Last Post by Barbelo
Papyrus of Merer and the GP's Relieving Chambers Graffiti 157  M. J. Thomas  07-Dec-17 17:41 
Last Post by M. J. Thomas
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS THE CODE _ 2 1,722  33  Horatech  07-Dec-17 09:49 
Last Post by Horatech
Khufu - Parthenon, a geodetic measure? 196  Spiros  05-Dec-17 21:22 
Last Post by molder
scored lines 182  Spiros  05-Dec-17 19:12 
Last Post by Spiros
South America's own gobekli tepi? 593  Starmaiden88  05-Dec-17 15:46 
Last Post by Mike D
Pyramid Data Sources??? 780  17  thinkitover  05-Dec-17 05:08 
Last Post by molder
The Pyramid Of Kafre 393  30  Barbelo  05-Dec-17 04:44 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Physicians of the Gods: A Theory Exploring the Mysterious Hand Bags and Pinecones. 181  TGreeneIII  04-Dec-17 17:30 
Last Post by TGreeneIII
stone bumps on ancient structures, a possible global language 381  cee hall  03-Dec-17 22:51 
Last Post by cee hall
The King as Pyramid 1,195  130  cladking  03-Dec-17 17:15 
Last Post by Warwick
The Megalithic Yard Defined Simply 537  Ahatmose  02-Dec-17 22:02 
Last Post by molder
Cart Ruts Explanation 711  25  Barbelo  02-Dec-17 14:49 
Last Post by Mike D
This topic has been moved.: Clovis Tombs & Mammoth Temples found in Colorado 134  Clovisman  02-Dec-17 09:58 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Huge cavity discovered within Great Pyramid 2,310  184  Loki74  02-Dec-17 09:43 
Last Post by Spiros
looks like a pile of rubble for most part 337  11  Racho  01-Dec-17 22:07 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Connection between the 5th Dynasty and the Levant 245  Thanos5150  01-Dec-17 05:31 
Last Post by Thanos5150
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