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June 7 2015

Seven new species of miniature frogs discovered in cloud forests of Brazil

Seven new species of miniature frog, smaller than bumblebees, have been discovered clinging to survival on isolated mountaintops in Brazil.

The largest of the new discoveries has a maximum adult length of just 13mm. The frogs, which are among the smallest land vertebrates, have evolved with fewer fingers and toes in order to reduce their size.

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June 7 2015

Study shows African savannah able to support large number of herbivores due to distinct diets

A team of researchers with affiliations to Princeton University and the Smithsonian Institution has found what they believe to be the answer to how it is that the African savannah is able to support such a wide variety of herbivores. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their field study, their analysis of their findings and what it may mean for conservation efforts in Africa.

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June 6 2015

Batteroo says $2.50 Batteriser sleeve gives battery extended life

A battery-life extender has been announced, claiming up to 800 percent additional performance. The company believes it will have a significant impact on disposable energy market and the environment.

The company is Batteroo and the product is Batteriser. What is Batteriser? It's a sleeve that fits over new or most used batteries. It's stainless-steel at less than .1 millimeters thin. Batteriser is reusable. Writing about the Batteriser, Jon Phillips, editor in chief of PCWorld, said, "It's essentially a voltage booster that sucks every last drop of useable energy from ostensibly spent batteries.".

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May 17 2015

Mother Plants Tell Their Seeds When to Sprout

Mother knows best—even if Mom is a plant. A common flowering plant, Arabidopsis, hands down “memories” of recent temperatures to its seeds to prepare them for incoming spring weather conditions, a new study shows.

In an experiment by crop geneticists in Norwich, England, Arabidopsis individuals exposed to warmer temperatures produced seeds that sprouted more quickly than plants exposed to cooler temperatures—even if the warmer temperatures had occurred several weeks before the parents made the seeds.

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