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August 29 2013

Doom, gloom, shut up and smile

This much we know: the forces of darkness are as malevolent as they are banal. From China encased in unbreathable toxic smog, chemical warfare in Syria, the downwardly spiraling civil war fomenting in Egypt, over to the draconian NSA spitting on the US Constitution, the unstoppable hate of Vladimir Putin, the NRA’s infantile fetishizing of violence and guns, all the way to the greasy and disgusting things we are told to put in our bodies by corporations that despise us, all culminating in the sullen, violence-numbed teens in Oklahoma who shot and killed another kid because they were “bored.”

But oh, the beauty! The grace! The shock of the new thinking, and the increasingly widespread spiritual awakening! This is the dichotomy, the insane push-pull that can make you crazy.

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