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April 11 2013

Did the Real T. rex Resemble the One in Jurassic Park?

No dinosaur is more cherished than Tyrannosaurus rex. The Cretaceous king of the tyrants epitomizes the size, ferocity, and bizarre nature of dinosaurs that continues to enchant us. We're so smitten with T. rex that we are continually bringing the dinosaur back to life through art and film.

Perhaps no restoration of the great carnivore has been as influential or celebrated as the genetically engineered tyrant that terrorizes Jurassic Park, which is being re-released in 3D today. Revived through computerized special effects and puppetry, the film's T. rex is a muscular, agile predator far more imposing than the tottering, tail-dragging representations that had appeared on film before. And in the 20 years since Jurassic Park debuted, as knowledge about T. rex has increased, the dinosaur has become even scarier still.

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