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March 26 2013

More on TED

A week today discussions at TED about their decision to limit access to talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake will cease and at that point TED will have effectively got away with a bizarre act of censorship without ever really having to account for its behaviour. A month from now the whole matter will be forgotten and TED will be able to move on as though nothing ever happened to disturb the wholesome image that it has cultivated so successfully.

After deleting the talks from their TEDxYoutube channel on 14 March (where they had jointly notched up 170,000 views) TED’s tactic has been to create a series of ever-receding “blog” pages where people are invited to discuss the talks. Hancock and Sheldrake have both declined to be involved since they have already refuted all the original allegations of “pseudo-science” that TED levelled as justification for the removal of the talks from the TEDx Youtube channel. TED’s allegations (now crossed out), and Hancock and Sheldrake’s refutations, as well as the talks themselves, can be seen here:

To move things forward Hancock and Sheldrake have both issued challenges to TED to engage them face to face in free and fair public debate, Hancock here:
and Sheldrake here:

If you’re concerned about what this issue means for freedom of speech, and for whether we will live in a society in the future that respects our right to make sovereign decisions about our own consciousness, then please take two minutes to register as a poster on those pages and demand that TED stop hiding behind smokescreens and respond to Hancock’s and Sheldrake’s challenges.

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