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January 16 2013

War God Launch talk, June 26

I live in the city of Bath in the southwest of England, and on 26 June I'll be giving a talk to launch my new novel, 'War God' (about the Spanish conquest of Mexico) at Bath's best independent bookshop, Toppings:

Because I'm regarded as first and foremost a non-fiction author there is some doubt that anyone will actually show up to hear me speak about my fiction, but I hope that my facebook friends and subscribers who live in the area will support this event. I will talk about the novel but the lecture (with slides) will be much wider and include an update on my new research into the lost civilisation mystery for the sequel to 'Fingerprints of the Gods' that I'll publish in 2015. Should be an interesting evening. Please be there if you can.

‘War God’ will be published in the UK on 6 June and is available for pre-order from here:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Canada:

Readers in other countries outside the UK can advance-purchase with free international shipping from the Book Depository here.

Unfortunately 'War God' is not available on Amazon US as US publishers don't want to commit to the book until they see whether it can be made a success in the UK or not. Publishing is a very risk-averse business. This is one of the many reasons why it is helps me enormously when readers who do have confidence in me advance-purchase the book in the UK and Canada. It proves to a skeptical publishing industry that demand and interest do exist for Hancock the novelist! I'm enormously grateful all who've already done this and the first book plates will be going out before the end of this week.

As a way of saying a personal thank you to all who show confidence in me by advance-purchasing ‘War God’ I make the following promise. Email me at with your name and postal address and I will send you at my own expense an autographed bookplate with the personal dedication of your choice to paste inside your copy.

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