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December 19 2012

Sneering at those who believe in the Mayan apocalypse while counting down to End Times

Today, the Guardian guffaws in the faces of those "very silly people" who believe that, according to Mayan prophecy, the world will end this Friday.

You know what? The Guardian's mocking of dumb foreigners for believing the world is about to curl up and die would be way more convincing if the Guardian itself hadn't for the past four years been publishing a countdown to the end of the world. Yes, that's right, the same paper that sniffily sneers at the "idiocy" of Mayan-obsessed Ruskies and Chinese is doing its very own, supposedly scientific (ha ha) countdown to when there will be "irreversible climate change" leading to a "disaster" that will "clearly threaten human civilisation". That's a fancy way of saying "when the world will end".

Where the Mayan prophecy (which doesn't actually exist) at least gave us a few thousand years to prepare for the end of the world, the Guardian has given us a mere 100 months.

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