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December 3 2012

Have Neuroscientists Built a Dream-Control Device?

Have you ever tried to control your dreams?

Back in my college days I became obsessed with lucid dreaming -- having dreams in which I was aware I was dreaming and could shape my internal world with thought alone. After a few weeks of practice, I'd trained myself to ask, "Am I dreaming? How do I know?" whenever something in my environment seemed "off." One night I found myself chatting with Kurt Cobain in my living room. "Wait a minute," I said, "Kurt Cobain's been dead for years!" And suddenly I could fly through the roof and off into the sky. For the next few months I spent a few nights every week hurtling through space, defeating mobs of ninjas and sampling the affections of famous actresses. Sue me -- I was 18, and The Matrix was the coolest thing on Earth.

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