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November 26 2012

TOXIC: Garbage Island - Humans Have Finally Ruined the Ocean

There is a Texas-size section of the Pacific Ocean that is irretrievably clogged with garbage and it will never go away. And I have seen it with my own eyes. Case closed. Oh, you want to hear more? OK, fine.

In the middle of the 90s, Charles Moore was sailing his racing catamaran back to California from Hawaii and decided on a lark to cut through the center of the North Pacific Gyre. The Gyre is an enormous vortex of currents revolving around a continuous high-pressure zoneóif you think of the rest of the Pacific as a gigantic toilet, this zone would be the part where your poop bobs and twirls before being sucked down. Boats typically avoid it since itís essentially one big windless death trap, so when Moore motored through it was just him, his crew, and an endless field of garbage.

"by the time you get to the point where weíre hoisting creatures out and eating them, youíre looking at entire milk cratesí worth of particles built up in their fat. Itís the cycle of life reimagined as a dystopian sci-fi cliché. We are eating our own refuse"

Note: *Warning* Adult Language.

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