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October 15 2012

Vintage PopSci: 8 Absurd Predictions About The Future That Sorta Came True

Writing in 1925, British scientist A.M. Low predicted that we'd eat breakfast via feeding tubes and bald would be beautiful. This guy totally augured Go-Gurt and Vin Diesel.

In 1925, British professor A.M. Low wrote a rollicking forecast of life in the coming century. The Future, as Popular Science wrote two years later, was full of flying cars! One-piece suits! Radios everywhere! Much of which sounds downright absurd with the conveniences of hindsight. But here's the thing: Low was actually right.

Partially, anyway. No, we don't zip to work in aerial Priuses, but we've all seen enough onesies to last us until the 23rd century. Even more intriguing than the predictions that haven't come true are the ones that nearly did.

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